Franchisee Process

Step One

So you’re interested in opening a trampoline park?

Please submit an online inquiry through our Contact Us page, be sure to include why you are interested in partnering with us and
provide some basic information on your readiness to become a franchise partner.

Step Two

Ring! Ring!

An RLG executive will review your inquiry and schedule a preliminary conference call to get to know you and gain a better
understanding of your business aims, as well as the geographic region you are interested in operating a trampoline park. We also encourage potential franchisees to ask us questions and will share details of our family entertainment business and our prequalification criteria.

At the end of the call, if you remain interested in joining the RLG family, we will ask you to complete our Franchisee Application Form
and Non-Disclosure Agreement.

Step Three


Upon execution of these documents, please return them to the RLG team for review.

Step Four

Let’s Get to Know Each Other Better

If the franchisee prequalifications requirements are met, the next step is a conference call with Gary Knill, Founder and Managing
Partner of RLG. An outline of the operations and financial requirements, as well as marketing and sales processes are detailed
on the call. Following that discussion will be an interview focused on the candidate’s ability to successfully meet the business requirements. The most successful partnerships are those of equals and we encourage potential franchisees to have prepared
questions to ask as well.

At the end of the call, if the decision is made to proceed, a discovery day will be scheduled at our UK head office in Milton Keynes.

Step Five

Park Tour (includes rubber grip socks!)

You will be welcomed by the RLG corporate team and given a full tour of our flagship trampoline park, as well as have an opportunity
to meet the corporate and in-store staff. Be ready to discuss your goals, the needs of your market and clientele, as well as how many locations you are intend to open, a tentative development schedule and opening day target.

Step Six

Sign here and here, oh! and initial here

We aim to provide franchisee candidates with a notice of approval/disapproval within 10 business days of the Discovery Day. If your application is approved, you will be sent the franchisee contract and any supporting legal documentation to review and execute. These materials are to be returned within 10 business days to RLG, along with the £32,000 franchise fee. Upon receipt you will be given the formal rights to your requested territory and the RLG team will be ready to support your business development with operations and branding manuals, as well as preferred vendor lists and tactical support.